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DR. Eman Askar Head of Microbiology

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Minimum Experience Zero
Number of Sessions 7 Sessions
Session Time (/h) Weekend
Price in Egyptian Pounds 2500
Starting Date Pending

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This Workshop will benefit professionals working in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Drug, Biologics, Medical Device Product Manufacturing industries. It will be especially valuable for personnel within the following areas:

  • Post-graduates
  • Microbiologists
  • Quality Assurance specialists
  • Quality Control specialists

Course topics:

Module 1: Basics of Microbiology

- Microbiology and Its History

-  Microorganisms

-  Infection and Disinfection

- Microbiology  lab. Overview

- Microbiology lab. Role

- Workshop 1: Practicing at Micro Lab. 

Module 1: Microbiology Current Practice

- Pharmaceutical  Microbiology


- Workshop 2: Practicing at Micro Lab. 

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

1- Basic Pharmaceutical Microbiology

• Understand Importance of culture media in microbiological testing and how to perform growth promotion test.
• Understand the types and sources of different types of micro-organisms that are related to pharmaceutical operations by using different bacterial identification methods.
• Perform operating, cleaning and maintenance for different instruments in micro lab.
• Be aware of the different methods used or sterilization and how to decontaminate microbial waste.
• Study the microbiological tests required for both sterile and non-sterile products (Compendial and non-compendial methods.
• Study the water for pharmaceutical use (Microbiological attributes, control strategy and analysis).
• Perform microbiological monitoring of clean room and controlled environments.
• Understand the interpretation of microbiological data and trend analysis.
• Be aware of good microbiology lab practices.

2- Advanced Pharmaceutical Microbiology

• Understand the validation of alternative microbiological methods.
• Understand the validation of microbial recovery (Suitability tests).
• Understand the efficacy of antimicrobial preservation.
• Know how to evaluate disinfectants and sporicides efficiency.
• Know how to perform verification of vendor's certificates for the microbiological supplies .
• Know how to perform water system qualification and monitoring.
• Know how to do classification of air cleanliness and qualification of clean rooms and controlled environments.
• Know how to use media fills to assess the vulnerability of your process to contamination.
• Understand the dry fog system and fumigation technique.

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