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Microbial strains for diagnostics and bioegeneering

Mutual Strains

Our collection allows customers to carry our taxonomic and molecular studies, assays, testing, research and teaching. Terms can also be arranged for cultures used in commercial products.

Cat No. DescriptionDesignation    
424632Aeromonas hydrophila                                      NCTC 8049ATCC® 7966
424652Aspergillus brasiliensisNCPF 2275ATCC® 16404
424684Bacillus cereusNCTC 7464ATCC® 10876
424612Bacillus subtilisNCTC 10400ATCC® 6633
424627Bacteroides fragilisNCTC 9343ATCC® 25285
424645Campylobacter jejuniNCTC 11322ATCC® 29428
424611Candida albicansNCPF 3255ATCC® 2091
424625Candida albicansNCPF 3179ATCC® 10231
427461Citrobacter freundiiNCTC 9750ATCC® 8090
424628Clostridium perfringensNCTC 8237ATCC® 13124
424614Clostridium sporogenesNCTC 532ATCC® 19404
424609Enterobacter aerogenesNCTC 10006ATCC® 13048
427464Enterobacter cloacaeNCTC 13380ATCC® 23355
424602Enterococcus faecalisNCTC 12697ATCC® 29212
424999Enterococcus faecalisNCTC 775ATCC® 19433
427388Enterococcus faecalisNCTC 13379ATCC® 51299
424607Escherichia coliNCTC 11954ATCC® 35218
424616Escherichia coliNCTC 12923ATCC® 8739
424986Escherichia coliNCTC 12241ATCC® 25922
427441Haemophilus influenzaeNCTC 12699ATCC® 49247
427537Haemophilus influenzaeNCTC8468ATCC® 9934
424656Klebsiella pneumoniaeNCTC 13368ATCC® 700603
424988Klebsiella pneumoniaeNCTC 9633ATCC® 13883
424631Listeria monocytogenesNCTC 7973ATCC® 35152
427419Listeria monocytogenesNCTC 11994N/A
427420Neisseria gonorrhoeaeNCTC 8375ATCC® 19424
427551Neisseria gonorrhoeaeNCTC 12700ATCC® 49226
427440Proteus mirabilisNCTC 13376ATCC® 14153
424991Proteus vulgarisNCTC 4175ATCC® 13315
424623Pseudomonas aeruginosaNCTC 12924ATCC® 9027
424992Pseudomonas aeruginosaNCTC 12903ATCC® 27853
424651Salmonella poonaNCTC 4840N/A
424993Salmonella typhimuriumNCTC 12023ATCC® 14028
424613Staphylococcus aureusNCTC 7447ATCC® 6538P
424629Staphylococcus aureusNCTC 10788ATCC® 6538
424647Staphylococcus aureusNCTC 6571ATCC® 9144
424995Staphylococcus aureusNCTC 12981ATCC® 25923
424996Staphylococcus aureusNCTC 12973ATCC® 29213
424658Staphylococcus aureus, MRSANCTC 13373ATCC® 43300
427552Staphylococcus aureus, MRSANCTC 12493N/A
424997Staphylococcus epidermidisNCTC 13360ATCC® 12228
427444Streptococcus agalactiaeNCTC 8181ATCC® 13813
424603Streptococcus pneumoniaeNCTC 12695ATCC® 6303
424657Streptococcus pneumoniaeNCTC 12977ATCC® 49619
424604Streptococcus pyogenesNCTC 12696ATCC® 19615
424643Yersinia enterocolitica
NCTC 12982ATCC® 9610
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NCIMB manages the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria: the UK’s biggest repository for reference strains of environmental and industrially useful bacteria, plasmids and bacteriophages. It is an important genetic resource for researchers and industry around the globe. The reference collection includes over 10,000 deposits and is continuously expanding as a result of new accessions from the international research community.

NCPF is the United Kingdom's only culture collection specialising in fungi pathogenic to humans and animals. At present the collection holds over 4,000 strains of fungi and yeasts of clinical significance. The collection includes dermatophytes and related organisms including many original type strains, mould strains from sub-cutaneous and deep-seated human and animal infection, pathogenic yeast strains and strains of dimorphic fungal pathogens.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Amet nam sit, incidunt praesentium officia nihil voluptatem similique, numquam, eos eius magnam accusamus quia. Aspernatur minus unde, adipisci excepturi atque quibusdam?

NCTC supplies reference bacterial cultures, including many type strains, of medical, scientific and veterinary importance worldwide. Supporting academic, health, food and veterinary institutions, the strains are used in microbiology laboratories in a range of different sectors and in research institutes worldwide. The collection consists of nearly 5,100 type and reference bacterial strains.

ATCC® is a registered trademark of the American Type Culture Collection. ATCC is the premier global biological materials resource and standards organization whose mission focuses on the acquisition, authentication, production, preservation, development, and distribution of standard reference microorganisms, cell lines, and other materials.

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